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Hey words of everyone I am here today incollaborations with state farm and theywant me to discuss a time in my lifewhen someone had my back my story startsout kinda depressing imagine an artstudent who is also a senior in highschool being told that he most likelywould not get into college thisliterally shadow Mewtwo bits and thatwas until I got a brand new art teachershe was amazing she still was amazingshe had become I mentor my friend andoverall just an enormous support to mygoals she taught me to push myself whileat the same time rememory to have fun inthe process without her I would not bewhere I am right now and I want to givea huge thank you to this person and sheknows who she is and I hope that she'slistening because it's well deservedwhat I want you all to get from thestory is literally never give up despitehow much people knock you down get upgive them no power over your dreams andgoals also remember to enjoy life andhave fun do not focus so much on onething that stresses you out loosen upand you'll realize how much easier it isonce you have a mix of work and play inyour lives